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BASF logoBASF New Business GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF AG, focused on development of new materials, technologies, and system approaches within the business areas of Energy Management, Quality of Life and Organic Electronics.

BASF has been developing OLED technologies for over 15 years, and demonstrated a module that includes transparent OLED and OPV panels in collaboration with Philips. BASF also collaborated with OSRAM on efficient white light OLEDs.


In 2016, BASF sold its entire OLED IP portfolio to Universal Display for $96 million.

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The EU aims to develop a hybrid LED/OLED lighting technology

The EU announced a new SSL lighting project called LASSIE (Large Area Solid State Intelligent Efficient luminaries) that aims to develop hybrid inorganic and organic lighting technologies. The aim is to develop a device with the efficacy and long life of high-power LEDs and the color-tunable diffuse lighting of OLED panels.

It's not clear, but it seems that the project will use the LEDs for the actual light output and fluorescent-based soluble OLED materials for tuning the color. According to CSEM (one of the project partners, the OLED material swill be deposited using a roll to roll process.

Read the full story Posted: Feb 20,2014

BASF and the National University of Singapore to jointly develop graphene for flexible OLEDs

BASF and the Graphene Research Centre (GRC) at the National University of Singapore announced a new partnership to develop the use of graphene in organic electronics devices - such as OLED devices and OPVs. The goal of this collaboration is to interface graphene films with organic electronic materials, with an aim to create more efficient and flexible lighting devices.

In this collaboration, the GRC will contribute its graphene knowledge (the synthesis and characterization of the graphene) while BASF is focused on organic materials. Of course BASF is also engaged with graphene research (for several years) and are looking to speed up their device development with this new partnership.

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The EPO revoked one of UDC's basic phosphorescent OLED patents

Universal Display announced that the European Patent Office (EPO) revoked one of the company's basic phosphorescent OLED patents, EPO #1449238. The opposing parties included Sumitomo Chemical, Merck and BASF. This is one of more than 60 patents issued worldwide that cover four early fundamental phosphorescent OLED inventions developed at Princeton University and the University of Southern California.

UDC's CEO, Steven Abramson, said that they believe the EPO's decision is erroneous and they may file a petition to review the matter. In addition, UDC has a pending divisional EP patent application in which it intends to pursue substantial patent coverage that is similar to that provided in related patents that have previously been issued in the other jurisdictions. In any case, the company believes that any one decision in any one jurisdiction will not have a material effect on their business.

Read the full story Posted: Nov 23,2013

UDC's iridium L2MX composition patent upheld by the EPO, but some claim scopes narrowed

Universal Display announced that the European Patent Office (EPO) issued a decision regarding the company's EU patent #1933395 (the EP '395 patent, which details the iridium L2MX composition), which was challenged by Sumitomo Chemical, Merck and BASF. The EPO affirmed the basic inventions and broad patent coverage but narrowed the scope of the original claims.

I'm not a lawyer so it is difficult for me to understand exactly what the narrowing of those claims mean. UDC says that they are pleased with the fact that the EPO recognized the novelty in the invention and confirmed their rights to broad claim coverage in this class of molecules through 2020. They are likely to appeal the ruling to reinstate a broader set of claims.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 15,2013

BASF hopes to release a long lasting phosphorescent blue emitter in 2014, to open an OLED lab in Korea

BASF has been working on a blue phosphorescent OLED emitter for quite some time - in fact the company says they have started developing an iridium-based blue PHOLED as early in 2003. Now Karl Hahn, a senior VP at BASF, says that the company will be ready to launch a commercial blue phosphorescent emitter by the end of 2014 aimed towards OLED lighting panels.

During the same presentation, Karl Hahn said that BASF plans to open a new OLED display focused laboratory in Korea during 2014.

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BASF envisions large area transparent OLED lighting solutions

Update: It turns out that this movie is actually rather old (from 2008)... I thought it was new. Sorry!

BASF released a nice video showing their "modern lighting solutions" - large area color-tunable transparent OLED lighting panels embedded in windows:

We don't have a lot of information on BASF's OLED program. We do know that they are collaborating with Philips on transparent OLED/OPV panels, used in Daimler's Smart Forvision concept EV:

Read the full story Posted: Apr 26,2012

Philips and BASF co-develop transparent OLEDs for car roofs

Remember Daimler's Smart Forvision concept EV? That car has a transparent solar-panels on the roof, see-through dashboard and transparent OLEDs for internal lighting - on the roof of the car. We knew that Daimler was collaborating with BASF on this concept, and today BASF released a press release saying that indeed they developed those panels together with Philips.

The OLEDs are transparent when switched off, allowing for a clear view outside the vehicle, yet providing light only within the vehicle when switched on. The transparent OLED sandwich structure can be combined with equally transparent solar cells, as was demonstrated in the Smart Forvision. This development was achieved as part of a longstanding cooperation (since 2006) between BASF and Philips in the research and development of OLED modules.

Read the full story Posted: Jan 19,2012

UDC's key patent claims denied in Germany?

There are reports that Universal Display's key PHOLED patent's key claims has been invalidated and revoked in an Oral Proceeding of the European patent office. According to the report UDC will have to submit a much narrower patent - deleting any references to any phosphorescent materials other than iridium. The opposition to the patent was filed by Merck, BASF, and Sumation.

UDC responded to this story: "The European Patent Office conducted an oral hearing on November 3rd. The EPO panel announced its decision to maintain the patent with claims directed to OLEDs containing phosphorescent organo-metalic iridium compounds. A transcript of this hearing will be available in two weeks. UDC's earning reports will be released tomorrow and hopefully we'll learn more about this issue.

Read the full story Posted: Nov 08,2011

Daimler's Smart Forvision car concept uses transparent white OLEDs

Daimler unveiled a new concept EV (the Smart Forvision). This concept car has a transparent solar-panels on the roof, see-through dashboard and transparent OLEDs for internal lighting. Daimler partnered with BASF on the plastic wheels, heat shield and new aluminum fiber paints.

We do not know whether BASF is also involved with the transparent OLED panels. In any case, these transparent OLEDs are hexagonal - which makes us think these might be made by Philips (the only company we know of that makes such shapes, and we've seen transparent OLED lighting panels from Philips since back in 2009, so they have the technology). Anyway, this new OLED-equipped car is great looking...

Read the full story Posted: Sep 14,2011