The EU announced a new SSL lighting project called LASSIE (Large Area Solid State Intelligent Efficient luminaries) that aims to develop hybrid inorganic and organic lighting technologies. The aim is to develop a device with the efficacy and long life of high-power LEDs and the color-tunable diffuse lighting of OLED panels.

It's not clear, but it seems that the project will use the LEDs for the actual light output and fluorescent-based soluble OLED materials for tuning the color. According to CSEM (one of the project partners, the OLED material swill be deposited using a roll to roll process.

The LASSIE project is a 3-year project, funded by the EU (€3.15 million). Besides CSEM, the project partners are the Fraunhofer Institute, VTT, Regent lighting, BASF, gaiker, Marsica Information & Technology and Amires.