Universal Display announced that it acquired BASF's entire OLED IP portfolio, for €87 million (about $96 million). BASF's IP portfolio, representing 15 years of R&D, includes over 500 issues and pending patents around the world in 86 patent families - mostly regarding phosphorescent OLED materials and technologies. BASF’s OLED portfolio has an average lifetime of 10 years.

UDC says that BASF's patents will help the company develop and deliver an all-phosphorescent emissive stack. Specifically, UDC is believing that this will help the company develop commercial blue emissive systems. Including the new BASF patents, UDC will have over 4,000 issued and pending patents

BASF now reports that it ceased its OLED research activities at the end of 2015, following a careful strategic examination. With the sale of the OLED IP assets, the withdrawal is finalized.

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