There are reports that AUO has started to ship AMOLED panel samples to smartphone makers - and the company plans to start mass production in 2012. We're not sure what kind of panels these are, but back in March 2011 they added a 3.5" AMOLED 360x640 panel to their product line, so these may be the same panels samples being shipped now.

AUO actually planned to start mass production back in Q2 2011, but the company faced technology issues and had to delay to Q3/Q4 2011, and now we hear of further delays to 2012. AUO will use their Taiwanese Gen-3.5 fab for these panels, most likely (the company is also working towards converting its 4.5-Gen LTPS line in Singapore to AMOLED production).



It's the 4.3" QHD OLED panel

It's the 4.3" QHD OLED panel that AUO showed at FPD international 2011 in Japan.

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