AUO originally planned to start producing AMOLEDs in their Taiwanese Gen-3.5 fab in Q2 2011. A few weeks ago their CEO admitted that they still have some technical issues to solve, and today we have more information. It appears that AUO is still struggling with the vacuum evaporation deposition of the organic layers, and will have to delay production - probably to Q3 or (more likely) to Q4 2011.

AUO 14-inch OLED prototypeAUO 14-inch OLED prototype

AUO is still installing equipment in their Gen-4.5 fab in Singapore (converting a production line from LTPS LCD to LTPS AMOLED). They have decided to adopt half-size Gen-4.5, because of the same deposition issues. Production in that larger plant is scheduled for Q3 2012. 

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