Audi unveiled its 2021 Q5 crossover, which now includes optional OLED taillights. The new SUV family also includes a plug-in hybrid model and the sporty SQ5 variant.

Audi Q5 2021 photo

The OLED taillights are built from three OLED panels, each with six segments. Audi offers three different "signatures" or designs, which the customers can choose from when buying the Q5. The segmented OLEDs show different lighting patterns with locking and unlocking the SUV, or to show a welcome pattern when you are close to the car.

Audi Q5 2021 OLED lighting closeup photo

The OLED lighting taillights are optional on the Q5, and come standard on the SQ5 Prestige trim variant. The 2021 Q5 will arrive in the US starting in Q4 2020.

Audi calls these OLED lighting "digital OLEDs", although they do not seem similar to the digital OLED designs the company showed before - it seems to be a more primitive version, but still an interesting concept that we're sure Audi will take further in the future.

Audi's OLED lighting supplier is OLEDWorks.

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