Audi installed an AMOLED rear-view "mirror" in the new R18 race cars

Audi's R18 sports prototype cars just got a new addition: an AMOLED digital rear view "mirror". They say that the AMOLED display was chosen because of the high density, excellent image quality and very fast response time - even at 330 km/h (92 meters per second) the image is still fluid, according to Audi. It's also quite light, in fact probably lighter than a traditional mirror.

A digital mirror also providers other advantages of course: it can display information (current gear, warnings, etc) and it also behaves better than a traditional mirror in bad weather. The camera is installed behind the antennas on the roof.

This is not the first time Audi uses OLEDs. Back in March Audi unveiled three new OLED-lighting based designs: rear lights and flashing turn indicators, a car covered with hundreds of triangular panels and the "swarm" which is an external OLED lighting based "display". The OLED panels in Audi's concepts were provided by Philips.

Posted: May 27,2012 by Ron Mertens