3M are in the final stages of scale up for LCD QDEF quantum dots films

Back in May 2012, 3M teamed up with Nanosys to commercialize QDEF Quantum Dot films for LCD displays. Today 3M announced that it is in the "final stages of scale-up" for these QDEF films. They plan to offer these to LCD makers that can be use them to make phones, tablets and TVs lighter, brighter, more energy efficient and with a larger color gamut. 

In January 2013 Sony unveiled some new LED-backlit LCD TVs under the Triluminos brand, which use QDvision's quantum dot films. This TVs (and smaller sized LCDs in one of Sony's digital cameras) are already shipping.

Posted: May 24,2013 by Ron Mertens


Why the one with qdot film look better even when I look at them using my LCD which using normal LED backlight!

The same question for Sony displays? any explanation

I'm not sure actually... good question.