Sony announced a new DLSR, the A58. This new mid-range camera sports a newly-developed 20mp sensor, new lock-on focus mode and auto-object framing mode. The EVF uses an SVGA (800x600) OLED microdisplay. The back display uses Sony's new Triluminos Quantum-Dots enhanced LCD (the first time this display is used in a consumer product, expect Sony's newest TVs). We just spotted the A58 on - and it will launch on April 19 2013 in the UK for £500.

That SVGA OLED microdisplay is interesting. Sony themselves released 0.5" XGA (1024x768) and 0.7" 1280x720 OLED microdisplays back in August 2011 (they are using the XGA ones in several DSLRs, such as the A99 and the A65), and they never mentioned an SVGA one. We do know that both eMagin and Olightek are making SVGA microdisplays however.

sony XGA microdisplay

In fact it's possible that eMagin may be supplying OLEDs to Sony. Back in November 2012 the company said they have already shipped some samples, and the product itself will probably launch in Q2 2013 - which fits the A58. eMagin said it's an high-end camera but that it could sell about 100,000 units a year - so a mid-range SLR is likely (100,000 seems too high for a premium model, but maybe I'm wrong here). Then again at SID when I met eMagin I understood that Sony is not that specific camera maker. It's also possible that Sony started to produce lower-res OLEDs, or that they are buying from a different maker such as Olightek or MicroOLED (although I don't think MicroOLED are making SVGA displays).

eMagin microdisplayseMagin microdisplays

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