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Announcing a new OLED-Info product, calling out to OLED developers and supply chain companies to send brochures and presentations

We are excited to pre-announce a new OLED-Info product, a comprehensive information resource for the OLED Industry which will combine multiple existing OLED-Info products into one with various exciting additions. 

The new product will be launched in early 2024 to form a must-have information platform for companies in the display industry, and will include five different parts:

  • An information guide to OLED technologies, processes, the industry and the market
  • Market status and industry roadmaps
  • OLED technology, market and industry analysis and insights - written by Ron Mertens based on years of experience in the display industry 
  • Structured data (spreadsheets) on OLED production lines, devices with OLED displays, OLED producers, supply chain companies (with contact details) and more
  • In-depth articles by multiple industry experts illuminating various processes, materials, devices, analysis, insights and more
  • Brochures, presentations, catalogs and other content items contributed by industry players (display makers, supply chain companies, analysts and more)

The new product is progressing well, and it's now time to reach out to the industry, inviting OLED supply chain companies and OLED developers to provide their own brochures, presentations, catalogs and any other content items - including an email address for potential customers and partners. We believe this will be a good opportunity to expose your technology to the OLED industry at large and to help us educate and inform OLED and display professionals. Contact us for more details.

Read the full story Posted: Nov 13,2023

The Fraunhofer FEP Monarch flexible transparent OLED lighting kit - hands on review

In 2018 the Fraunhofer FEP institute announced it is starting to offer a design kit that includes several flexible and transparent OLED lighting panels. The Monarch Kit includes several colored butterflies samples, and the researchers were kind enough to send us one such kit for a short review.

So first of all, these OLEDs look beautiful. They shine a beautiful uniform colored light and are very nicely done. There's not much functionality, but it shows the potential of flexible OLED lighting quite nicely.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 14,2019

NTHU and First-o-lite Candle-light OLED lamp - hands on review

NTHU professor Jou has been researching the hazards of blue light for many years, warning us against the hazards of modern lighting and focusing on OLED lighting as the technology that enables low blue-light emission lighting.

In 2015, NTHU started to develop its low blue-light candle-light orange-type OLED technology, initially in collaboration with Wisechip and later with China-based OLED lighting producer First-o-lite.

Read the full story Posted: Apr 22,2019

Hands-on review of LG's 65" OLEDB6 TV

When the nice guys from LG's Israeli public relations office reach out and offer to send an OLED TV for a review - you say yes. Naturally, I graciously accepted and received a new 65" OLEDB6 TV. Here's my hands-on review of LG's new TV.

The OLEDB6 was launched in early 2016, and is actually LG's entry-level OLED TV for 2016, alongside the curved OLEDC6. The B6 features a flat 4K WRGB (WOLED-CF) OLED panel, LG's latest WebOS 3.0 operation system, HDR support and LG's Color Prime Pro technology. The TV does not support 3D, but strangely LG did bundle a couple of passive 3D glasses with the TV. The B6 comes in two sizes - 55" and 65".

Read the full story Posted: Nov 20,2016

Hands on review with Workrite Ergnomics' Natural OLED desk light

Towards the end of October 2015, Workrite Ergonomics launched their first OLED lamp, the Natural OLED desk light. The Natural uses a single 320x110 mm OLED panel produced by LG (the N6BB40C panel). This panel offers 442 lumens at 13.7 W (32 lm/W), a high CRI (94) and a neutral white light - 3900K. The lifetime of the Natural is rated at 30,000h (LT70) at the lowest brightness setting. The Natural is now shipping for $239.

Workrite ergonomics OLED lamp photo

The nice guys at Workrite were kind enough to send us a desk lamp for a review here at OLED-Info. I gave the lamp to our very own Roni Peleg to try out and write this review, which you can read below.

Read the full story Posted: Dec 28,2015

Hands on review of Acuity Brand's Chalina OLED luminaire

Towards the end of 2014, Home Depot started to offer several Acuity Brands OLED luminaries, with prices starting at $199. This was exciting - as these are the cheapest OLED lamps ever, and it is the first time OLEDs are offered at a major retail channel.

Acuity Brands Chalina lit on wall photo

The nice guys at Acuity Brands sent me a Chalina 5-panel OLED luminaire (wall-mountable version) for a review here at OLED-Info. So first of all I want to thank Acuity for this. I will post a short review, focusing mostly on my experiences with this lamp, and people's reaction to it.

Read the full story Posted: May 01,2015

Hands on review with Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note Edge back in September 2014 - the company's first mass market flexible OLED phone. The Nice guys at Samsung Israel sent us a review unit a few weeks ago - and here's our hands-on review.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge photo (OLED-Info)

As always this is not a full phone review - we leave those to the experts and for people that actually love mobile phones. We will focus on the display - and our experiences of having this device for a few days. The first part is written by Ron, and then Roni will give her own views.

Read the full story Posted: Apr 21,2015

Hands-on with the Garmin Vivosmart flexible OLED fitness band

Garmin's Vivosmart is the second device (after Huawai's TalkBand) to use Futaba's flexible (conformable) PMOLED displays. We're happy to post this hands-on review of one of the first flexible OLED devices on the market...

The Garmin Vivosmart

Garmin defines the Vivosmart as an "activity tracker plus smart notifications", which is really to say "an almost-smartwatch fitness band". Which it is. The Vivosmart is indeed a fitness band that can display steps, calories, distance and all the other fitness staples. On top of that, it can also perform basic smartwatch tasks like receive vibration alerts for phone calls, text messages and emails. How well does it do all those things? We'll get to that.

Read the full story Posted: Dec 22,2014

My experience with LG's EA9800 55" curved OLED TV

A few weeks ago, LG Electronics in Israel were kind enough to send me a 55" curved OLED TV (the EA9800, or the 55EA970Y as it is called in Israel) for a review on OLED-Info. So first of all - thanks guys, that was very cool of you!

LG 55EA9800 OLED TV front photo 2

LG released this OLED TV back in August 2013. It's been reviewed repeatedly since, with one apparent conclusion: that this TV offers the best image quality ever! So to get it out of the way - yes, It really does! The TV, even to my non-professional eyes, offers a superb viewing experience. LG now offers even newer TVs (the 55’’ curved FHD 55EC9300 and the 65’’ 4K curved 65EC9700) that can supply a superior image quality, but sadly haven't yet arrived in Israel.

Read the full story Posted: Dec 02,2014

Hands on with LG's G Flex plastic OLED flexible phone

A few weeks ago I learned that LG started to market the G Flex smartphone here in Israel. I contacted LGE and they got the Israeli carrier Partner to send me a review unit. First of all - thanks guys!

So I switched phones, left my new GS4 behind and started using the G Flex. Here's a short hands-on review of this phone. Or actually, this isn't a real review - I mostly want to discuss the screen and my experience with this phone. There are many good reviews of this phone online already (here's Engadget's for example). I won't be showing you a video of how it flexes a little - it's been done.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 24,2014