NTHU starts producing candlelight OLED lighting desk lamps

Excessive exposure to blue light has been linked to many health issues (including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and insomnia). Researchers from Taiwan's National Tsing-Hua University, led by Prof. J.H. Jou, have been advocates of candle-light OLED lighting for a long time, as part of their fight against the hazards of LEDs and white light. We recently posted on Prof. Jou's latest research on smartphone display risks and the benefits of OLED displays.

In 2015, Taiwan's PMOLED maker WiseChip Semiconductors licensed National Tsing-Hua University's blue-light free OLED lighting technology (called Candlelight OLEDs), with an aim to mass produce these OLEDs by the end of 2017. That project faced delays, however and now NTHU announced that following a collaboration with China's OLED lighting maker First-o-lite it is now ready to commercialize its technology and NTHU demonstrated the first device to use these new panels - the OLED lighting desk-lamp you can see in the video above (and photo below).


The first panels are rectangular 22 x 8.5 cm ones, which emit 100 lumens of brightness at 2.4 W (42 lm/W). First-o-lite will begin mass production in the beginning of 2019, with a capacity to produce 30,000 such panels per month. The retail price of the candlelight desk lamp is $199 and it will be available in early 2019.

NTHU and First-o-lite, Candle-light OLED launch ceremony

Posted: Dec 11,2018 by Ron Mertens


Where can you buy these in the US?