Taiwan's government to support WiseChip blue-light free OLED lighting project

Taiwan's National Tsing-Hua University has been pursuing blue-light free OLED panels for a long time, developing orange-colored (1,914K) OLED panels which they claim is much healthier than regular OLEDs or LED devices.

In November 2014, we reported that Taiwan's PMOLED maker WiseChip Semiconductors licensed technology Tsing-Hua's technology, with an aim to produce such panels by early 2015. This did not happen, but today we hear that the Taiwanese government decided to fund WiseChip development - awarding the company with 10 million NTD (about $300,000 USD) each year for two years - and the Wisechip will be able to start mass producing those 1900K OLEDs.


Tsing-Hua's researchers say that people should consider new candle-light style lighting sources for reading, residence and street light. They also urge governments and legislators to enact new rules that will force light-based products to show the light spectrum emitted by the product.

The researchers quote an article published last year that suggests that white LED is linked to breast cancer. White light may case irreversible eye damage, it suppresses melatonin secretion at night and is linked to all sorts of health problems. The researchers are devoted to develop blue-hazard-free OLED, such as the orange OLEDs produced by WiseChip and installed in a Taiwanese village last year.

Posted: Nov 24,2015 by Ron Mertens