Consumer Reports: OLED is the best display technology

Consumer Reports says that OLED is the best display technology, as it combines the best features of plasmas and LCDs. They say that the emerging technology is "really going to shake up the television industry".

"What we like about OLED is that it delivers on the deep black levels and unlimited viewing angles that we've come to expect from the best plasmas," said Claudio Ciacci from Consumer Reports. "At the same time it delivers on the power efficiency, super-thin bezel design and also the bright picture that we've come to expect from LCD TVs."

Consumer Reports are running LG's new OLED TV (the 55EC9300) through a "battery of tests", and so far it is delivering. There are subtle issues with color accuracy and grey shades reproduction, but overall the picture is "really terrific".

This is not surprising - pretty much all OLED TV reviews stated that the first wave of OLED TVs offer the best picture quality ever seen.

Posted: Sep 26,2014 by Ron Mertens