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The OLED Handbook 2014

The OLED Handbook OLED-Info's guide to OLED technology, industry and market is the world's best guide to all things OLED, updated March 2014

LG leads in OLED TVs?

LG 77EC9800 OLED TV prototype CES Aftermath: is LG taking the lead in OLED TVs? LG sees a rapid push into OLEDs, while Samsung is less optimistic...

Hands on with the G Flex

LG G Flex Our short hands-on review of LG's plastic-based flexible OLED phone, the G Flex

Konica Minolta OLED mass production

Konica Minolta flexible OLED panel Konica Minolta is building a mass production roll-to-roll fab that will make a million color-tunable flexible OLED panels a month.
Recent OLED news:

ITRI shows several new flexible and foldable OLED prototypes

Taiwan's ITRI institute demonstrated several new AMOLED prototypes at Touch Taiwan 2014. First up, is Taiwan's first foldable AMOLED, a 6" full-color panel that can be folded inwards over 10,000 times.

The 6" panel can be folded to a radius of 7.5 mm. The whole panel is just 0.1 mm thick and it was developed with ITRI's own FlexUPD technology which can be used to turn an existing OLED glass line to produce polyimide-based flexible panels.

September 9th: Will Apple unveil the iWatch with a flexible OLED?

Apple sent out press invitations to an event on September 9th. They did not say anything regarding this event, besides saying "wish we could say more". It is widely believed that Apple will reveal the iPhone 6 in this event. Apple's new phone is expected to come with a larger display (some say Apple will unveil two new models, one with a large 5.7" panel) - and it won't be an OLED.

Apple 2011 flexible OLED watch patent

But Apple may also surprise and finally unveil the iWatch smart watch wearable device. .Rumors have been circulating about this device for almost 2 years now. Most of these "reports" suggest a flexible OLED display, around 1.3 - 1.6 inch in size. LG Display is believed to be the exclusive supplier of this display, although there's some speculation that Apple wants Samsung Display to be its second supplier for those plastic-based flexible AMOLEDs.

Both Samsung and LG unveil new smartwatches with flexible (plastic-based) AMOLEDs

Only three days ago I posted that both Samsung and LG are expected to launch new flexible OLED smart watches, and today both Korean companies pre-announced their new devices before the IFA trade show. Indeed they both used plastic-based flexible OLED panels.

So first up is the beautiful LG G Watch R (shown above) - a circular Android Wear smartwatch that use a 1.3" 320x320 (348 PPI) plastic (flexible) OLED panel. The G Watch R will launch in "early Q4 2014", price isn't disclosed yet.

What new OLED gadgets will be unveiled next week at the IFA tradeshow?

The IFA 2014 event starts next week (on September 5th, in Berlin) and I think it's going to be a very interesting trade show.

We have three confirmed unveiling events for next week. Samsung will show the Galaxy Note 4. It's pretty much confirmed that the new large smartphone will use a 5.7" QHD Super AMOLED display, but some reports suggest Samsung will also show a premium variant with a curved flexible OLED panel (I don't think this is likely, but you never know).

New OLED gadget: Fujifilm X30

Fujifilm's X30 is an enthusiast premium compact digital camera with a classic design. It has a 2/3" CMSO sensor and 28-112mm (F2-F2.8) lens. It has a 3" tilting LCD display and an XGA OLED viewfinder (EVF).

The X30 will ship in September 2014 for $599.95.

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LG to show a circular smartwatch next week, will it use an OLED?

A few days ago it was reported that LG is already developing its second-gen Android Wear smartwatch, this one with a flexible AMOLED panel. Now LG published a teaser that shows a circular smart watch (quite similar to Motorola's Moto 360) that the company will unveil next week at the IFA trade show.

It doesn't seem to use a flexible OLED (it seems like a flat display) - but it makes sense that if LG intends this watch to be always-on, with its mostly black UI, they will choose an OLED display as it will be much more efficient in this mode.

LG starts accepting pre-orders for 65" and 77" UHD OLED TVs in Korea

In March 2014, LG launched their 2014 OLED TV lineup in Korea, which includes 55", 65" and 77" 4K and FHD panels. But today the company officially started accepting pre-orders for the world's first 4K OLED TV in Korea, with two models - the 77" 77EG9700 and the 65" 65EC9700.

The 65" model costs 12 million Won in Korea ($11,700), the price for the 77" model was not disclosed. Those TVs will soon arrive in Europe and the US, with the 65" model's price in the UK set at £5,999 (just over $10,000), and price in the US will reportedly be $6,999. LG is now rolling out their Full-HD 55" curved OLED TV in the US for $3,499.


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