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An OLED uses organic semiconductors to create thin light emitting panels. OLEDs are used to create thin, beautiful, flexible and efficient display and lighting panels, and are the future technology of choice.

Recent OLED News

IHS: Mobile OLED shipments to double by 2017 and reach 455 million units

Jul 25, 2016

Last week IHS said that OLED display penetration rate in mobile phones will grow from 13% in 2015 to 34% in 2021, mostly due to the adoption of OLEDs by China-based phone makers (I would assume Apple's OLED iPhones will also help).

Samsung Galaxy A9 photo

IHS now releases some more details on their mobile OLED market forecast. IHS says that mobile OLED shipments, which totaled 257 million panels in 2015 will almost double by 2017 - to reach 455 million units. Shipments in 2016 will reach 367 million panels.

RiTDisplay's president details the company's business and PMOLED expansion plan

Jul 22, 2016

RiTDisplay logoA few days ago we posted that Taiwan's RiTDisplay, one of the world's leading PMOLED makers, is seeing strong demand for its OLED displays, expanding its production by 20% and filing for an IPO in Taiwan.

Following that story, Digitimes now posts a story on RiTDisplay, quoting its president that says that PMOLED panels are replacing STN-LCD panels in small sizes - even though PMOLEDs are more expensive (by about 50%) than LCDs.

Cynora appoints Dr. Andreas Haldi as Chief Marketing Officer

Jul 21, 2016

Blue TADF developer Cynora announced that Dr. Andreas Haldi was appointed as its Chief Marketing Officer. With his strong technical and business experience, Andreas Haldi will reinforce Cynora in the forthcoming commercialization of its high performance blue OLED materials.

Cynora blue TADF emitter photo

Cynora, preparing the commercialization of its emitting materials for OLEDs, is hiring Andreas Haldi to further enhance its already good relationships with the major display makers and to now prepare with them the implementation of its materials in their products.

China's Deepoon starts shipping its M2 OLED VR system

Jul 21, 2016

DeePoon started shipping its M2 VR headset a few weeks ago. The company says the orders (since announcing the M2 in April 2016) are over 20,000 already - which makes this HMD the most successful one in China's VR headset industry.

Deepon M2 official photo

The M2 includes an on-device computer using Samsung's Exynos 7420 chipset. The M2's display is a 2560x1440 AMOLED display made by SDC. Deepon operates what it says to be the largest VR content platform in China with over 150 VR games and 5 million users.

Researchers demonstrate the world's first flexible MRAM memory device

Jul 20, 2016

As flexible OLED displays are entering the market, researchers and developers around the world are aiming to introduce other flexible components - required to make truly flexible/bendable devices. We already have flexible batteries, and now researchers from Singapore demonstrated the world's first flexible MRAM memory device.

MRAM (Magnetic RAM) is a next-gen spintronics memory device that is non-volatile, efficient and fast. Future MRAM device may offer high-density memory too, but current MRAM chips are limited in capacity. Freescale spin-off Everspin is already producing 64Mbit MRAM chips commercially - and 256Mb and 1Gb chips are expected soon.

ETnews: China display makers divert capacity investments from LCD to flexible OLEDs

Jul 20, 2016

ETNews posted an interesting story, in which it is said that Chinese display makers are diverting investments away from LCD production and into flexible OLED production. ETNews lists BOE Display, CSoT, TianMa and Visionox - all bringing forward flexible OLED plans.

TianMa flexible AMOLED panel at MWC 2016 Flexible OLED prototype, Tianma

Tianma and Visionox, according to ENEws, already started to make actual investment and placed initial equipment orders for flexible OLED production. BOE and CSoT decided to postpone 8-gen LCD investment plans and will start investing in flexible OLEDs by the end of 2016.