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An OLED uses organic semiconductors to create thin light emitting panels. OLEDs are used to create thin, beautiful, flexible and efficient display and lighting panels, and are the future technology of choice.

Recent OLED News

IDTechEx publish new OLED forecast ahead of SID Display Week

May 21, 2016

Analyst firm IDTechEx has just released their new market forecasts for OLED displays. IDTechEx expects the market will reach nearly $16 billion this year and will grow to $57 billion in 2026.

IDTechEx Flexible OLED forecasts 2016-2020

For the last two years, the company has correctly predicted that plastic OLED and flexible OLED would be the major trend in displays. In the latest report, IDTechEx has revised their market forecast upwards based on the planned increase in production capacity.

GJM developed a roll-to-roll OLED deposition system

May 19, 2016

GJM developed a new 300mm roll-to-roll deposition system that can directly deposit both organic and inorganic materials on plastic materials - and be used to mass produce flexible OLEDs. The system was developed in collaboration with the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials.

GJM OLED R2R system photo

GJM says that its R2R system can speed up production times compared to current systems - by about 50% (GJM says that production amount can be improved by 1.5 times) - and so contribute to lower cost production. The system can be used to produce both OLED display and lighting panels.

A hair salon in Seoul is the first customer of Samsung's 55" mirror OLED displays

May 19, 2016

Samsung Display announced its 55" mirror transparent OLED displays back in June 2015, and later announced that it will start shipping those displays in Q2 2016. True to its word, SDC today announced the first commercial installation in a hair salon in Seoul - although shipments to other customers will only begin in Q3 2016.

SDC mirror-OLED at leekaja hairbis salon photo

The Leekaja Hairbis installed several such displays (I counted at least 7 in the pictures Samsung provided) - and each is placed in front of clients that can consult different styles and colors and also check out the latest trends - straight from the mirror display.

Dai Nippon Printing to triple its evaporation mask production to meet the demand of the expanding OLED market

May 19, 2016

Dai Nippon Printing logoJapan's Dai Nippon Printing, the world's leader in evaporation mask (FMM) production, announced it will invest $54.6 million to triple its evaporation mask production capacity so it could meet the demand of the expanding OLED market.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, DNP's market share in the evaporation mask market is over 50%. The company's expansion will be made in several stages, but should complete by 2020. DNP aims to reach $272 miloion in annual sales in 2020 (triple its current sales).

Skyworth's OLED TV sales are dissappointing

May 19, 2016

China's Skyworth recently launched its new OLED TVs for 2016 - both with 4K resolution and support for HDR. In 2015 the company was optimistic about its OLED TVs - and said aims to sell 30,000 OLED TVs by the end of March 2016 (the company's FY2015) - and 200,000 OLED TVs by the end of March 2017.

Skyworth S9300 photo

Skyworth's main problem with those OLEDs was that LG Display cannot supply them with enough panels, especially the 65" ones. According to report from China, though, Skyworth is way behind its OLED goals.

Truly's Gen-4.5 1AMOLED fab to begin production in September 2016

May 19, 2016

Truly logoHong Kong-based Truly Semiconductors started working on an AMOLED fab in 2014, and in May 2015 estimated that production will begin in Q1 2016. According to the OLED Association, the Truly is facing a slight delay, but backplane production will begin next month, and full OLED display production will commence in September.

Truly's fab is a 4.5-Gen AMOLED fab that will have a capacity of 15,000 substrates per month (although this could be expanded to 30,000).