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An OLED uses organic semiconductors to create thin light emitting panels. OLEDs are used to create thin, beautiful, flexible and efficient display and lighting panels, and are the future technology of choice.

Recent OLED News

AUO's 3.8" 90Hz AMOLED for VR application now in production

Aug 25, 2016

Taiwan's AU Optronics is currently focused on VR, wearable and automotive applications for its AMOLED displays. The company recently announced it is developing 3.8" and 5.5" VR AMOLEDs, and today we learn that the 3.81" panel is now entering production.

The new panel features a resolution of 1080x1200 and a refresh rate of 90Hz. It is intended for VR HMD applications - which use two such displays, one for each eye (the Oculus Rift, for example, uses two 3.1" 1200x1080 90Hz AMOLEDs produced by SDC). More information on AUO's new panel can be found on the OLED Marketplace.

LG's flexible automotive displays to enter mass production in 2018

Aug 24, 2016

LG Display announced its entry to the flexible OLED automotive market back in July 2014, and the company LGD unveiled a 12.3" Full-HD flexible automotive OLED panel in early 2016. LGD is already collaborating with Tesla, Cadillac and Mercedes, but these panels are not on production yet.

LG 12.3'' FHD automotive plastic OLED at SID 2016

During a tradeshow in Korea, LGD’s Automotive Sales and Marketing director Sanghyun Ahn revealed that these 12.3" FHD flexible OLED panels will only enter production in 2018. The company is also developing larger 25" curved and freeform automotive OLEDs, and these are planned for 2019.

Demand for Samsung's Note 7 is strong, SDC to triple flexible OLED production at the A3 fab

Aug 24, 2016

According to the Financial Times, demand for Samsung's new Note 7 smartphone (launched just last week) is very strong - to the point that Samsung cannot supply enough phones and it had to delay the launch in some markets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 image

The Note 7, Samsung's flagship large smartphone (phablet), uses a 5.7" 2560x1440 (518ppi) flexible Super AMOLED dual-edge display. The FT quotes an analyst from Macquarie saying that the major production obstacle is at SDC, specifically "applying a new touch technology to plastic OLED screens".

Innolux shows new rigid and flexible OLED prototypes, aims to mass produce AMOLEDs

Aug 23, 2016

After years of OLED R&D but no actual reports, Taiwan's Innolux is finally demonstrating its new OLED prototypes, signalling that the company is finally about to re-enter the OLED market. Innolux says that it has recently "achieved success with AMOLED technology" and now plans to continue development and ultimately mass produce AMOLED panels.

In a trade-show in Taiwan, Innolux is demonstrating several OLED prototypes. First up we have a 5.5" WQHD (2560x1440, 534 PPI) flexible AMOLED built on a plastic substrate and an LTPS backplane. The panel has a "proprietary pixel rendering methods" (perhaps PenTile like?) and uses thin-film encapsulation and is produced using an FMM mask (more on this below).

LG targets VIP vans and luxurious hotels with new OLED lighting installations

Aug 23, 2016

LG Display collaborated with Korea's car-customizing experts Chang's Custom to create what they say is the world's first concept VIP van with interior OLED lighting. OLED lighting is ideal as an internal automotive lighting technology as it is thin, light, company and efficient.

Chang's Custom OLED van photo

In the custom van, Chang's Custom used 320x110 mm OLED panels for the ceiling lighting, and 200x50 mm panels for the side lighting. The company says that the warm and soft light emitted by the OLED light panels creates a luxurious state-of-the-art atmosphere in the car interior. This will create "psychological comfort for the driver while giving a luxurious and glamorous feel for passengers.".

Visa Lighting introduces the company's first OLED lighting fixtures

Aug 19, 2016

Visa Lighting introduced the company's first two OLED products, the Limit and Petal. These are two pendants lighting fixtures, each using three OLED panels that deliver a combined output of 850 lumens.

Visa Lighting limit and petal OLED fixtures

The panels offer a color temperature of 2900K and a CRI of 80. I'm not sure but these seems to be OLEDWorks/Philips Brite FL300 OLEDs. Visa Lighting did not reveal the pricing of these panels, nor the availability - but it's great to see another lighting maker adopt OLEDs.