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The OLED Handbook 2014

The OLED Handbook OLED-Info's guide to OLED technology, industry and market is the world's best guide to all things OLED, updated March 2014

LG leads in OLED TVs?

LG 77EC9800 OLED TV prototype CES Aftermath: is LG taking the lead in OLED TVs? LG sees a rapid push into OLEDs, while Samsung is less optimistic...

Galaxy Note 4 Edge

Galaxy Note 4 Edge The world's first mobile phone with a flexible OLED display that curves around the edge (5.7" QHD Super AMOLED)

Konica Minolta OLED mass production

Konica Minolta flexible OLED panel Konica Minolta is building a mass production roll-to-roll fab that will make a million color-tunable flexible OLED panels a month.
Recent OLED news:

Kia's 2015 Soul EV uses a 3.5" white PMOLED display

Kia announced a new electric car, the 2015 Soul EV. The vehicle has a 109 bhp engine and a 27 kWh L-ion battery that gives it a range of 93 miles. This environmental friendly car uses 23 kg of plant-based interior plastics (made from cellulose and sugar cane base).

In the instrument cluster, the Soul EV uses a 3.5" OLED display. It provides information on the energy flow, charging time, ECO driving level and energy economy. It also provides a three-stage alert for the Soul EV’s State of Charge (SOC) - so you can quickly determine when it's time for charging.

Korean analysts do not expect the Galaxy Note 4 to outsell the Note 3

Korean analysts say that the Galaxy Note 4 will not be enough to boost Samsung's mobile unit sales, and they do not expect the new phone model to outsell the Galaxy Note 3. Hyundai securities expect Samsung to sell 1.5 million GN4 in Q3, and 9.5 million in Q4 - similar to the Note 3 sales following its launch.

The analysts say that while the Galaxy Note 4 has some improvements over the Note 3, such as a better display (5.7" 2560 x 1440 Super AMOLED), better S pen sensitivity and a metal frame, it is not enough to excite consumers.

LG Chem to soon release 100 lm/W OLED lighting panels

LG Chem announced it developed new OLED lighting panels that features 100 lm/W and a lifetime of 40,000 hours. The plan is to release these panels towards the end of 2014. It's not clear, but it's likely that LG Chem aims to replace all current 60 lm/W OLED panels with the new 100 lm/W ones.

According to reports from Korea, LG Chem claims that their OLED panels will be available at lower prices compared to LED lighting. I'm guessing this is more of a "forward looking" statement as OLED panels are still very expensive, even after LG's plan to cut OLED prices by about 60% in Q3 2014 (from about $600/Klm to about $200/Klm).

LG says OLED TV yields at over 80%, WRGB puts it years ahead of competitors

CNet posted an interesting interview with LG's Global Communication Directory, Ken Hong. Ken says that their OLED TV production yields are over 80% now - and it's all thanks to the WRGB technology they bought originally from Kodak. Ken says that LG has a large lead over competitors - and they do not expect anyone to catch up for at least 2-3 years.

Ken further says that consumers are ready for OLED TVs now. He says that other makers cannot produce OLED TVs with reasonable yields and this is why they say consumers are not ready. At the current price point, LG's job is to educate consumers why they should spend a premium on OLED technology.

LG 65" 4K OLED TV to ship in the US in October 2014 for $6,250

LG officially launched its first 4K OLED TV, the 65" 65EC9700 in the US - and it will start shipping in October 2014. The official price is $10,000 - but the real price will be lower. Cleveland Plasma offers it for pre-order for $6,250 for example. The 77" 77EC9800, which will launch in November through "select retailers" has an official price of $25,000.

It's actually weird how way out of touch are LG's official prices for those OLED TVs. The 55EC9300 55" FHD model is still listed as $6,999 while it is being offered for $3,499. The 2013 model (55EA9800) is listed at $8,999 (yes, higher than the new model!) while prices are usually below $3,000.

New OLED gadget: Dell Venue 8 7000

Dell's Venue 8 7000 is an Android tablet based o Intel's 64-bit quad-core Atom architecture (Moorefield) with a 8.4" WQXGA (2560x1600) Super AMOLED display (359 PPI), similar to Samsung's own Galaxy Tab S. This is the world's thinnest tablet at 6 mm, and features Intel's RealSense Snapshot Depth Camera.

Dell did not yet reveal the release date or price of the Venue 8 7000.

OLED type: 


Apple announced their smartwatch, did not disclose the display type...

So Apple did unveil their smartwatch yesterday! The simply called Apple Watch is a square-bodied touch-enabled smart watch, and you can see it below. It comes in three choices of materials (aluminum, stainless steel and 18-karat gold), includes four sensors, changeable straps and requires an iPhone to pair with. The most exciting feature seems to be the "Digital Crown" button navigator.

And the most interesting thing - Apple did not reveal the display type, besides saying that it is a "flexible Retina" display, and that the cover is sapphire. They didn't even detail the resolution or size of the display. To cut a long story short - I believe that Apple did not yet choose whether this is an LCD or an OLED. My explanation below...


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