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An OLED uses organic semiconductors to create thin light emitting panels. OLEDs are used to create thin, beautiful, flexible and efficient display and lighting panels, and are the future technology of choice.

Recent OLED News

LG to introduce flat 4K OLED TVs in Korea soon

Jul 27, 2015

In January 2015, LG introduced six new OLED TVs, including flat, curved and bendable ones - and all of them featuring 4K resolution. Up until now the company only launched two curved OLEDs (the 55" and 65" EG9600). LG today says that they will soon launch new OLED TV models to the Korean market, including flat OLEDs.

LG OLED TVs at CES 2015

This is great news as even though LG claims that image quality in curved panels is better, many consumers prefer flat OLEDs as these look better when wall mounted. The price of the flat models will be the same as that of the curved models.

OLED-Info's got a new responsive design

Jul 26, 2015

Today we launched OLED-Info's new design. The changes are not dramatic, but we changed some of the menu system, made the site (hopefully) cleaner and more modern. Most importantly, this design is now mobile-friendly and should prove easier to read on smartphones.

OLED-Info's new 2015 responsive design

We hope this design will make the site nicer and easier to read, we'll be happy to hear your thoughts and comments!

LG in discussions to move its OLED lighting business from LG Chem to LG Display

Jul 24, 2015

According to reports from Korea, LG is considering moving the OLED lighting business from LG Chem to LG Display. The idea is that consolidating the OLED production of both displays and lighting in the same company will enable LG to advance OLED lighting more quickly - and at a lower cost.

LG Chem OLED lamps at SNU photo

The OLED Association goes on to speculate that LG Display may decide to convert one of its existing Gen-4.5 OLED display fabs to produce OLED lighting. This will make it even cheaper to expand capacity. Of course the downside is that LG Display will be more focused on displays than lighting as currently the OLED lighting market is still very small.

ZTE announces two new AMOLED devices: a smartphone and a smartwatch

Jul 23, 2015

ZTE announced two new devices today, both with AMOLED displays. First up is the Axon Watch, which is a smartwatch based on the Chinese TenCent OS (which means it will be sold only in China). It sports a circular 1.4" AMOLED display (400x400) a heart rate monitor, GPS and 4GB of internal memory.

ZTE Axon Watch photo

The second device is the Axon Mini - the world's first smartphone that features a force touchscreen. It uses a 5.2" Super AMOLED display - and that's the only information ZTE released at this stage. The company also announced two more Android smartphones - but both use LCD displays.

Visionox unveiles a new rollable OLED prototype, aims to mass produce such displays by 2017

Jul 23, 2015

Visionox unveiled a new rollable flexible AMOLED panel prototype. This is a 4.6" panel with a resolution of 800x480. This display has a curvature radius of less than 3 mm and a thickness of only 20 μm.

Visionox says that they plan to mass producing such displays within two years. Looking at the video above, it's clear that there are still defects in this display, so it will take some work to achieve mass production of such a display.

LGD announces plans to invest $900 million in a 6-gen flexible OLED fab

Jul 23, 2015

LG Display announced that it decided to build a new 6-Gen (1500x1850 mm) flexible OLED fab in a KRW1.05 trillion ($900 million) investment. The new E5 line will be located at LGD's Gumi Plant and will have a capacity of 7,500 monthly substrates - or 1.5 million 5.5" panels. The new fab is scheduled to begin mass production in the first half of 2017.

LG 5'' flexible OLED prototype photo

LGD has been internally discussing a new flexible OLED fab for quite a while, and it's great to see that they finally made an official decision. The flexible OLED market is expected to grow quickly in the near future as these displays unlock new applications and are very competitive in the wearable, automotive and mobile devices markets.