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The OLED Handbook 2014

The OLED Handbook OLED-Info's guide to OLED technology, industry and market is the world's best guide to all things OLED, updated March 2014

Apple's AMOLED Watch

Apple Watch It is now confirmed that the Apple Watch uses an AMOLED display, most likely a flexible plastic-based OLED made by LG Display

Galaxy Note 4 Edge

Galaxy Note 4 Edge The world's first mobile phone with a flexible OLED display that curves around the edge (5.7" QHD Super AMOLED)

Konica Minolta OLED mass production

Konica Minolta flexible OLED panel Konica Minolta is building a mass production roll-to-roll fab that will make a million color-tunable flexible OLED panels a month.
Recent OLED news:

Samsung to ship the Galaxy Note 4 on October 17th

Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note 4 will ship the US on October 17th, with pre-orders starting today. The note will cost $299 with a two-year contract on AT&T or Verizon, or $31.24 per month (for 24-months) with T-Mobile. The Note 4 will ship in Europe a bit sooner.

The Galaxy Note 4 has a 5.7" QHD (2560x1440, 518 PPI) Super AMOLED display. According to DisplayMate, it is the best mobile display they ever tested.

LG Electronics expects to sell 800,000 OLED TVs in 2015

According to Digitimes, some "industry sources" say that LG Electronics dropped its OLED TV sales target for 2015 from 5 million TVs to only 800,000. LG still expects OLED to become the mainstream TV display technology in the future.

While it ain't good to hear that LG is less optimistic, it should also be noted that the 5 million sales target (which indeed we heard from one LG executive) was never realistic. LGD's upcoming Gen-8 M2 OLED production line (which is still not online) will have a monthly capacity of 26,000 substrates - or about 150,000 55" panels. Assuming 100% yields (which is not achievable, obviously) - that's only 1.8 million panels in a year, assuming full production capacity is achieved on January 1st.

Confirmed: Apple's Watch uses an AMOLED display

Ten days ago Apple unveiled the Apple watch, their first smartwatch product. The company did not reveal the display technology - they just said it was a flexible Retina display. The Watch itself will only be released in "early 2015", and I thought we'd have a long time to wait before we know whether this is an OLED or LCD display.

But according to several sources, it is now confirmed that the Watch uses an OLED. I cannot disclose all the sources, but my trusted and knowledgeable friend Jennifer Colegrove from Touch Display Research says she's 100% sure it is an AMOLED (it is interesting that in June 2013 Jennifer forecasted that Apple will adopt an AMOLED in a product within 18 months, and she hit it right on the mark).

Alkilu partners with Visionox, aims to ship low-cost OLED lighting products by next month

Alkilu was established in 2013 with an aim to develop innovative consumer OLED lighting products, and the company unveiled their low cost OLED products at CES 2014, with aims to release them later in 2014. They are still not shipping OLEDs yet (despite accepting pre-orders on their web site since June).

Some Alkilu products (for example the Trio OLED Light shown above) us OLED panels made by LG Chem - which is also a marketing partner. Alkilu now announced that it signed a formal partnership with Visionox for OLED panel supply. Going forward, Alkilu plans to offer devices that use panels from both companies. Alkilu will buy the larger OLED panels from LG Chem, while the smaller ones will come from Visionox. The Visionox panels will be custom-designed and will offer some color variations.

CNet: LG's 55EC9300 OLED TV offers the best picture quality ever tested

CNet posted a short video review of LG's 55EC9300 curved OLED TV - and they say that it offers the best picture quality ever - better than any Plasma or LCD ever reviewed on Cnet

CNet is also very happy with how the TV looks like, and the new WebOS SmartTV interface. The 55EC9300 currently costs $2,999 on Amazon.com.

A VR headset powered by a Full-HD AMOLED attempts to raise $350,000

In March 2014, Vrvana (TRG back then) announced the Totem Virtual-Reality headset - a competitor to Oculus Rift's OLED-based HMD. After months in development, Vrvana launched a kickstarter campaign to raise $350,000. As of the time of writing, they raised almost $100,000 - with 28 days to go so this looks like a promising project.

The headset includes a Full-HD RGB-Stripe AMOLED display, HDMI input and 11 sensors (including 2 cameras and 3 gyros). It supports the Unreal, Unity, Havok and CryEngine engines, and can be used with a PC, A PS3/PS4 and Xbox One & 360. An early-bird edition via Kickstarter costs around $400.

Osram unveils the world's first commercial OLED product for automobiles

OSRAM announced a new OLED lamp for car interiors - the OLED Reading Light. This is a single OLED lighting panel placed in a high-quality matt aluminum housing that provides a very warm (3300 kelvin) and uniform light. This is an after-market product, with a clip at the back of the panel enables it to be attached to the sun visor. It can be charged via a USB cable.

OSRAM says that OLED lighting is ideal for applications in which the eyes have to focus on one point for a long time thanks to its homogeneous light that does not dazzle or cast shadows. Unfortunately OSRAM did not reveal the OLED panels' spec, but they do provide a 5-year guarantee so it means that the lifetime and stability is probably quite good.


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