According to The Verge website, Sony is going to unveil a new 4K2K (UHD) OLED TV later this week at CES 2013 (The Verge does not say anything about the size of the TV, but it'll probably be at least 55").

Sony OLED TV prototypeSony OLED TV prototype

We'll know soon if this is true, but this may mark Sony's return to the OLED TV market. Sony officially stopped offering the small 11" XEL-1 OLED TV back in 2011, but later in 2012 the company said they plan to start making major investments in OLED TV technologies. Sony is collaborating with Panasonic on OLED TV production technology, and in September 2012 they promised us OLED TVs by 2014.

It'll be quite a surprise if Sony beats LG and Samsung with the first 4K2K TV. According to DisplaySearch, both Samsung and LGD are developing 4K2K OLEDs. In fact, LG announced their plans for such a panel back at SID 2012.

This is going to be an exciting week. LG will showcase their upcoming 55EM9700 55" OLED TV (which will ship next month in Korea for $10,000), Samsung will undoubtedly show their own OLED set, and now perhaps this one from Sony as well. It's possible that Panasonic and AU Optronics will unveil their own OLED TV prototypes. We'll know everything in three days...



LG 4K panel with passive 3D?

LG 4K panel with passive 3D?

Crystal LED is more probable

Ultra-HD OLED TV from Sony would be great, though it is more likely that it will probably be just another Crystal-LED TV prototype, not an OLED one.

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