In 2019, it was reported that Samsung Electronics is in early talks with China's CSoT for flexible OLED supply for low-end and mid-tier smartphones. According to a new report from Korea, Samsung Electronics has decided to adopt a CSoT flexible OLED panel for its upcoming budget Galaxy M41 smartphone.

Motorola Edge photo

Motorola Edge

If true, this is the first time that Samsung Electronics will adopt an OLED that wasn't produced by Samsung Display. The M41 will use a 6.67-inch 1080x2340 AMOLED, the same panel used in Xiaomi's Mi 10 and Motorola's Edge.

According to the report, CSoT is able to offer low AMOLED prices, lower than Samsung Display's prices. Samsung Electronics is also looking to diversify its supply chain which is always considered a wise move.

The new Korean reports also suggests that Samsung Electronics is testing similar AMOLED panels produced by BOE. BOE was also aiming to supply AMOLED displays for Apple's iPhones, but it was reported that BOE did not pass Apple's quality tests for this year's models.

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