DDaily: BOE failed to pass Samsung's and Apple's OLED quality tests

Earlier this year, reports from Korea suggested that Samsung Electronics is looking to order some OLED panels from China's BOE - including for its flagship S21 smartphone to be announced later this year.

A new report from Korea's DDaily suggests that BOE failed to pass Samsung's display quality test. Samsung Electronics is likely to retain Samsung Display (partly owned by SE) as an exclusive AMOLED supplier for its 2020-2021 smartphones.

In the previous weeks we also saw reports that BOE will become an AMOLED supplier to Apple's new iPhones. According to DDaily, BOE has also failed to supply the panels as Apple requested for the iPhone 12.

This, if true, could be a setback for BOE, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. DDaily says that BOE is getting ready for another round of testing of its 6.67-inch flexible OLED panels - but it is likely to be too late for Samsung's next generation flagship phones.

Posted: Jun 12,2020 by Ron Mertens