Will Panasonic launch its transparent OLED displays in 2020?

Panasonic has been showing transparent OLED display prototypes and concepts since 2016, and in April 2019 the company unveiled its latest prototype - a wooden cabinet design:

At IFA 2019 Panasonic says that it aims to launch a transparent OLED display by next year as a commercial product. It is highly likely that this would be some kind of signage/commercial display.

Panasonic is using LG's 55" transparent OLED panels. LG started to produce commercial transparent OLED TV panels in early 2019. LG Display's transparent OLEDs feature a brightness of 150 cd/m2 (peak white brightness of 400 cd/m2) and a transparency of 38% and a color gamut of 120% NTSC. The display can optionally include touch functionality.

Panasonic - Rybakken transparent OLED concept photo


Posted: Sep 06,2019 by Ron Mertens