Conferences are a great place to learn about new development in the OLED industry and meet with fellow display professionals. There are many excellent OLED events coming up in 2018 in the USA, Europe and in Asia.

The following article will detail the most prominent OLED events. If you plan on attending other events (or if you are organizing an OLED event unlisted in our event directory) be sure to comment below.

SID DisplayWeek (May 20-25, Los Angeles, USA)

The Society for Information Displays (SID) holds its annual DisplayWeek in May, and if you can only make it to one OLED conference, DisplayWeek is a top choice. The week-long activities include symposiums, seminars, courses and a 4 day exhibition. DisplayWeek 2018 is a great way to check out many OLED demonstrations and new display innovations.

SDC 7'' transparent automotive OLED at SID 2016SDC transparent OLEDs at SID 2016

The OLED-Info team will attend DisplayWeek 2018, be sure to contact us if you want to schedule a meeting. Here is our summary of DisplayWeek 2016.

The OLEDs World Summit (September 18-20, San Francisco, USA)

Now in its 20th year, the OLEDS World Summit is the longest running OLED event. The summit brings together many OLED display and lighting professionals including display and component makers, lighting manufacturers and end-users to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

Printed Electronics Europe (April 11-12, Berlin, Germany)

IDTechEx's printed electronics event is the world's largest organic, printed and flexible electronics. Usually there is not a lot of OLED specific content, but this interesting event is an excellent way to get updated on other emerging technologies as it is co-located with events focused on 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy harvesting, energy storage, graphene & 2D materials, IoT, sensors and wearables.

UK CPI flexible OLED demo (PE Europe 2017)UK CPI at IDTechEx PE Europe 2017

IDTechEx also organizes a USA version of this event (Printed Electronics USA), usually in November in Santa Clara. Details of the 2018 event have not been published yet.

Light + Building (March 18-23, Frankfurt, Germany)

Light + Building is a large bi-annual event that is said to be the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building services technologies. In 2018, the organizers expect over 2,600 exhibitors in this week-long event, which will hopefully feature many OLED lighting companies and exhibits.

China International OLEDs Summit (January 25-26, Shanghai, China)

China is quickly becoming a leading OLED country, and the 7th China International OLEDs Summit may prove to be a great way to start 2018. The event is co-located with Emerging Technology 2018, a conference that is composed of four themes: Printed and Flexible Electronics, Quantum Dots, Vehicle Displays and the OLED industry. The organizers expect over 200 global experts and over 50 exhibitors.

OLED Korea 2018 (March 7-8, Seoul, South Korea)

The OLED Korea Conference, organized by UBI Research, is a 2-day conference focused on OLED display and lighting production. Bringing together global experts together with Korea's leading OLED companies, this should be an interesting event to attend.