Visionox to sell its PMOLED business?

Visionox announced a complex restructuring move, that seems to indicate that the company (which recently reversed-merged with Black Cattle Foods) aims to focus on its AMOLED business and sell its PMOLED business.

The new restructuring, or the PMOLED business sale, involves several China-based companies - including local municipalities, financial investors and even a travel company.

Visionox has been producing PMOLED displays since 2008, at its two 370x400 mm production lines, each with a capacity of around 8,000 monthly substrates. In 2012-2015 Visionox said it was the leading PMOLED maker by unit shipments, and in 2016 Visionox announced it sold over 100, million PMOLED displays since 2012.

Visionox is offering a wide range of PMOLED displays - including monochrome and full-color. Beyond these standard displays, Visionox develops flexible, transparent and ultra-thin PMOLEDs, and in 2018 the company demonstrated several new PMOLED technology prototypes.

Posted: Aug 22,2018 by Ron Mertens