Visionox developed a 814 PPI VR AMOLED display

A somewhat confusing article from Taiwan claims that Visionox developed a new VR AMOLED display that achieves a very high pixel density of 814 PPI.

The original article only actually refers to Black Cattle Food - which is a Chinese soy and grain beverage maker that teamed up with Visionox and provided financial support for Visionox' upcoming 6-Gen flexible AMOLED fab.

814 PPI is very impressive, but we're not sure how close this display is for mass production. Samsung Display is currently producing 615 PPI VR AMOLEDs and the company demonstrated 1,200 PPI VR AMOLEDs last year. Equipment makers are already developing deposition technologies that will enable OLED displays with over 2,000 PPI.

Posted: Jan 30,2018 by Ron Mertens