Visionox demonstrates new foldable OLED prototypes

China-based OLED producer Visionox unveiled new foldable OLED prototypes at the China Information Technology Expo.

Visionox demonstrated inside and outside folding panels, 8.5-inch OLED that folds in two places and a larger 10.5-inch panel that folds in three places. Visionox says that its panels can be folded over 300,000 times.

Visionox produces the 4" 192x960 foldable AMOLED display adopted by the Nubia Alpha smartband that recently started shipping, and according to reports Visionox is also supplying Xiaomi with foldable OLED samples.

In May 2018 Visionox announced that it started to produce flexible AMOLED displays at its first 6-Gen OLED fab in Hebei. The production line has a monthly capacity of 30,000 substrates and total investment in that fab was around $4.5 billion. In October 2018 the company announced plans to establish its 2nd flexible OLED production line in Hefei. The new line will have a similar capacity to the Hebei line.

Posted: Apr 19,2019 by Ron Mertens