Video show's SEL's new flexible CAAS-OS OLED prototypes

A few days ago we reported about SEL's new 13.5" QFHD (3840x1260, 326 PPI) flexible OLED prototype. Now DigInfo published a video showing this new OLED panel and several prototypes showing how it can be used to design curved displays:

SEL's OLEDs use a WRGB (white OLEDs with color filters) architecture and and it uses SEL's CAAS-OS (C-Axis Aligned Crystalline Oxide Semiconductor) substrate.

In the video you can also see SEL's smaller 5" 960x1280 panel and another 3.4" 540x960 (also 326 ppi) one. It also shows SEL's prototype flexible Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Combining this two technologies, SEL shows a complete prototype wearable device.

In the video, SEL says that the CAAS-OS substrate enables high durability for flexible displays - as these can be bend over 10,000 times without damage.

Posted: Nov 04,2013 by Ron Mertens