Toray Research Center to share an open webinar to discuss OLED device analysis and technologies

On November 2nd 2023, Toray Research Center (TRC) will share an open online webinar focused on OLED technologies. TRC, who supplies technical analysis and support for R&D and manufacturing, invites you to attend the online lectures at no cost, to get a deeper understanding on OLED technologies and analysis of OLED devices. The webinar recordings will be accessible from November 2nd, for two weeks.

The first lecture, titled 'current analytical techniques for displays', will focus on current techniques used for OLED analysis, including OLED layers observation by high-contrast STEM, OLED layer construction analysis by GCIB-TOF-SIMS and TOF-SIMS MS/MS and quantification analysis using LC/CAD. The same lecture will also discuss recent topics in analysis technology, including the degradation analysis of QD devices.


The second lecture will discuss the purpose of OLED device evaluation, and details TRC's service of reverse engineering a commercial OLED panel. The company's service can detail the complete OLED stack structure and can also analyze the backplane, under-the-display sensors, encapsulation, filters and more. This can help companies investigate patent infringement, survey current trends in OLED production and analyze competing OLED makers capabilities and achievements.

The third lecture, titled "Luminance degradation analysis of OLEDs using analyses and simulations" discuss a joint research project by TRC and MOLFEX. The lecture will discuss the analysis project procedures, methods and results - including simulations and discoveries that help design OLED emitters with increased lifetime.

Finally, the fourth lecture is titled "Electronic structure analysis for organic semiconductor devices'. In this lecture, two case studies will be discussed, and how the complete device band diagram was analyzed and the electronic structure and interfaces were detailed.

TRC will share the webinar registration link on November 2nd, stay tuned!

About Toray Research Center

Toray Research Center, Inc., established in 1978, is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc. The company provides technical support in the fields of research, development and manufacturing, using innovative analytical techniques and physical analysis. One of TRC's four major focus industries is the OLED industry, and its OLED R&D started as early as 1995.

TRC researchers have vast experience in OLED analysis, having reversed-engineered over 5,000 OLED panels to date. The company provides analytical services to help improve manufacturing processes and improve OLED materials . TRC's OLED analysis knowledge areas include organic materials, composition, multilayer structure, degradation analysis, water permeability and more. Find out more about TRC's OLED services here.

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Posted: Oct 13,2023 by Ron Mertens