TMDisplay develops 2.2" OLED with world's longest lifetime and best efficiency

TMDisplay (JV between Matsushita and Toshiba) says it developed an OLED panel with the world's longest lifetime and best efficiency. The 2.2-inch OLED panel has a lifetime of 60,000 hours and power consumption of 100 mW.

TMDisplay has developed the new panel in cooperation with Idemitsu Kosan, a Japanese oil refiner active in OLED materials development. They say they aim to start commercial production of the advanced OLED panels by March 2009 for cellphones and other mobile devices. It has yet to decide the size of production. Previous reports say that TMDisplay will invest 140M$ on OLED production, and that they set their monthly output of 1.5M units a month (at 2.5").

Posted: Aug 20,2008 by Ron Mertens