Shanghai Tianma demonstrated the company's first flexible AMOLED at the MWC 2016 exhibition. The panel is 5.46" in size and features a 720x1280 resolution and a rather large curvature radius of 20 mm.

TianMa flexible AMOLED panel at MWC 2016

The company also had regular glass based panels on display - a 5" and 5.5" FHD panels and also lower resolution 5" panels (720p). Tianma aims to start mass production in the second half of 2016 - but production volumes will be low as this is based on a small Gen-4.5 line.

The company do intent to invest in capacity expansion though - and build a new Gen-5.5 line. According to our information, Tianma actually has plans for three separate OLED production lines.

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