TCL's CSoT demonstrated some interesting new displays at the DTC 2020 conference a few days ago - including rollable OLEDs, foldable OLEDs, ink-jet printed rollable OLEDs and new microLED prototypes.

In the video above, you can first see the company's latest inkjet-printed rollable OLED, with a size of 17-inch. CSoT says that it managed to reduce the OLED thickness by removing the color filters it used in earlier designs, which improves the flexibility - as you can see this display rolls up very nicely.

17'' ink-jet printed rollable OLED prototype (TCL-CSoT, DTC 2020)

Interestingly in the video you can see what seems to be a large OLED TV that is rollable - maybe this is the 31" rollable OLED display already unveiled earlier this year, or maybe even a larger one, we do not have more information on that display yet.

TCL CSoT 4.5'' to 6.67'' rollable OLED prototype photo (DTC 2020)

In the photo above you can see another prototype, this one is an extending-rolling phone prototype (similar to what LG is likely to be launching next year). This display is 6.7-inch in size, and it scrolls to become a smaller 4.5-inch display device. The roll radius is 3 mm and TCL says this OLED has passed over 200,000 rolling cycles. A few months ago TCL unveiled a similar device, but that scrolls to the side.

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