TCL shows foldable OLED devices prototypes at MWC 2019

China-based TCL has unveiled a new foldable OLED phone prototype at MWC 2019. The device uses a 7.2" 2048 x 1546 AMOLED display that folds inwardly (in a similar way to the Samsung Galaxy Fold). TCL's device, however, is a prototype and not a product.

TCL is both a smartphone maker and a display producer. This device was demonstrated by the smartphone maker arm - and we are not sure whether it uses a foldable OLED produced at TCL's own OLED lines (CSoT's T4 6-Gen flexible OLED line in Wuhan should enter production soon) or whether the panel is produced by Samsung, BOE or Visionox.

One of the key features of TCL's new device is the hinge system, which TCL brands as DragonHinge. According to an early review of a mockup device, the hinge system is rather impressive.

In addition to the phone/tablet 7.2" AMOLED prototype, TCL also showed other concept devices, but these were all mechanical mockups.

TCL foldable devices prototypes (MWC 2019)

According to The Verge, TCL does not plan to release such a device in the near future - it is targeting the middle of 2020. TCL, it seems, does not wish to release a premium $2,000 device and it seeks - its goal is to reach a $1,000 price point it seems.

Posted: Feb 26,2019 by Ron Mertens