TCL announces a $6.96 billion LCD/AMOLED IGZO Gen-11 fab in Shenzhen

It 2013 it was reported that TCL plans to invest over $4 billion to build a new 8.5-Gen LCD and OLED fab in Shenzhen, owned by CSOT. The so-called Huaxing Power Two OLED fab never materialized... at least until now.

TCL released information that it now seeks to $6.96 billion to build a new LCD and OLED Gen-11 production fab in Shenzhen. The new fab, built by TCL and Shenzhen Huaxing Power with help from the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Commission, will have a monthly capacity of 90,000 Gen-11 substrates (3370x2940 mm) and use IGZO backplanes.

TCL aims to start building the fab towards the end of 2016, and construction is planned to end by January 2018 and equipment will begin installation in July 2018. Mass production will begin in April 2019. The fab will produce a wide range of LCD TVs (43 to 75 inch) - and OLED TV panels, using "printing OLEDs" technologies. Interestingly, TCL's chairmen said in 2015 that future OLED TVs will indeed be produced using printing...

Posted: Aug 29,2016 by Ron Mertens