TCL's chairman, Tomson Li, gave an SID DisplayWeek speech, during which he predicted that the next-gen large-size displays will be printed OLEDs. Tomson said that global partners are welcome to join TCL and co-develop printed technologies, processes and materials.

During the DisplayWeek exhibition, TCL's CSOT subsidiary demonstrated three new AMOLED display prototypes, including a 5.5" PWM LTPS OLED and a 31" OLED TV panel. In May 2014 TCL announced plans to co-develop 5.5" LTPS AMOLEDs with Ignis innovation, I do not know if the new 5.5" demonstrators are based on this collaboration.

Interestingly, while Tomson says that next-gen TVs will use printed OLED panels, he also says that Quantum Dot LEDs will play a vital role in the future. QD-TVs (which TCL already produces) are already very popular in China - and in fact they are "equally satisfactory as or even better than OLED TVs in many major performance indicators".

Last year TCL Group announced that it is going to raise $926 million to build CSOT's T2 8.5-Gen fab, we're not sure if this plan is still underway. This fab will use Oxide-TFT substrates and will produce both LCDs and AMOLEDs. In addition to this upcoming 8.5-Gen, CSOT is also building a 6-Gen display fab in a 16 billion RMB ($2.5 billion) investment.




31" ?

Thats monitor size, not TV. Either way - fucking finally.

Better be 100% flicker free and have the VESA standard adaptive sync that goes as low as 0hz.

Sounds like OLED is still better than QD

Given this - "equally satisfactory as or even better than OLED TVs in many major performance indicators" it sounds like OLED is still better than QD LCD.

In any event, I look forward to inkjet printed OLED as my bet is that it will be the least expensive production method.

Quantum Dots have been around

Quantum Dots have been around 30 years now.


Its old and dead tech... they just revived it because everyone forgot about them... just to milk LCD one last time before it dies.

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