Kodak and Novaled develop new white OLED for RGBW displays

Novaled and Kodak have developed  anew white PIN OLED, to be used in RGBW displays. The display is based on Novaled's p-type and n-type doped transprot layers and Kodak's emitter systems. The companies showed two devices - single unit and tandem-white OLEDs. 

For the single unit devices, 15.8-cd/A with a lifetime of 30,000 hours and color coordinates of 0.32/0.35 at 1,000 candelas per square meter were reached. In the tandem device approach a current efficiency of 33.2 cd/A at color coordinates 0.28/0.31 was achieved. The lifetime of the device was 77,000 hours compared to 51,000 hours that were reached with devices based on conventional Li-doping for the connector unit

In a display simulation the tandem device compares favorably with a conventional tandem device based on Li-doped p-n connectors; allowing display lifetime to be improved from 38,000 to 53,000 hours.

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Kodak OLED lighting video

Kodak has kindly sent us a new video showing their new OLED lighting panels (preceded by some Kodak 'ads'). Kodak are still working on the technical issues of their OLEDs, but they are also seeking potential collaboration with other companies to bring these to market.

Just a few days ago Kodak received a 1.7M$ project from the US Department of Energy to develop OLED lighting - 15cmx15cm panels with over 50lm/W efficiency and over 20,000h lifetime.

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More info about Kodak's white lighting project

Yesterday we reported that Kodak got a 1.7M$ two-year contact from the DOE to develop key technologies and processes for OLED lighting panels. There wasn't much information in the original PR, so we got Kodak to explain it a bit for us, and here's what they say:

"The object of the proposed project is to construct OLED lighting panels with efficacy (> 50 lm/W) and lifetime (>20,000 h) superior to most of the current commercially available luminaires.  The lighting panels will be constructed of 15 cm x 15 cm lighting tiles that can be used to build lighting panels of different sizes and shapes.  The architecture is based on small molecule OLED and comprises four key technology components that enable this achievement: internal light extraction-enhancement structure, low voltage design, stacked architecture, and fluorescent-phosphorescent hybrid emitters.  The proposed project will focus on developing structures and processes suitable for high volume, low cost manufacturing (ie Kodak VIST technology) of these OLED lighting panels."

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Kodak Awarded $1.7 Million U.S. DOE Contract to Develop OLED Lighting

Eastman Kodak has been awarded a $1.7 million two-year
contract by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to develop key
technologies and processes for OLED lighting panels.

Kodak white light OLED prototype

During the Product
Development phase of the Solid State Lighting project, Kodak will
develop an OLED luminaire that meets Energy Star color and efficacy
specifications and will address key areas of manufacturing processes to
reduce cost. Kodak’s Vapor Injection Source Technology allows
manufacturers to significantly reduce unit-manufacturing costs, with
high manufacturing throughput and material utilization that initially
exceeds 50%, and could be greater than 75% in future manufacturing

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Researchers find new nanocrystals with a potential for lighting

Researchers from the University of Rochester, together with Kodak has created a nanocrystal that constantly emits light, and does not 'blink'. The findings, detailed online in the journal Nature, may
open the door to dramatically less expensive and more versatile lasers,
brighter LED lighting, and biological markers that track how a drug
interact with a cell at a level never before possible.

The researchers think that one day it'll be possible to 'paint' such nanocrystals on a large surface - creating a flat light source that may one day replace OLEDs. 

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US Department of Energy Supports Several new OLED Lighting Projects

The National Energy Technology Laboratory, on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced its selection for solid-state lighting funding opportunities. A total of fourteen projects were chosen, six of which are OLED related.

QD Vision: Quantum Dot Light Enhancement Substrate for OLED Solid-State Lighting
Summary: This project seeks to develop and demonstrate a cost-competitive solution for realizing increased extraction efficiency organic light emitting devices (OLEDs) with efficient and stable color rendering index (CRI) for SSL. Solution processible quantum dot (QD) films will be utilized to generate tunable white emission from blue emitting phosphorescent OLED (Ph-OLED) devices.

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OLED-Info Kodak Photo frame contest - 800$ in prizes!

UPDATE: The contest is over and we've picked a lucky winner... who's enjoying his new OLED photo frame...

Would you like to win a Kodak OLED wireless photo frame (worth around 800$)? We'd love to give one for you... and we will give one of those uber-cool OLED gadgets to the winner of our contest!

The Kodak photo frame has a 7.6" AMOLED display, 800x480 resolution and a contrast ratio of 30,000:1 (made by CMEL). It has built-in Wi-Fi, 2GB of storage and accepts USB drives or memory cards. It's a great looking display - the best place to showcase your photos!

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LG partners with Kodak to use Exclusive OLED tech - old news from 2008

UPDATE: I just got word from Kodak that this is actually an old news bit... the deal was signed back in 2008. Kodak says that the quotes (about 'products by the end of the year') are invalid and in anyway "not confirmed". Thanks Kodak for clarifying this!

Here's the original story I published, just in case:

LG signed a deal with Kodak to use their OLED technology. It's not clear what they licensed exactly - but LG plans to use it for TVs, cell phone displays and picture frames. 

It seems like there are more and more news lately about LG's OLEDs - They have increased spending on AMOLEDs, there are rumors about an Apple deal, and promise of 15" OLEDs by the second half of the year.

Kodak is looking to leverage their OLED tech via partnerships, and this is the first one announced in a long time. Kodak said that first products from their partnerships will come out by the end of 2009. They are aiming for medium size displays (12"-16"). Kodak also talks about larger displays - larger than 20", but this is further down the road.


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