More info about Kodak's white lighting project

Yesterday we reported that Kodak got a 1.7M$ two-year contact from the DOE to develop key technologies and processes for OLED lighting panels. There wasn't much information in the original PR, so we got Kodak to explain it a bit for us, and here's what they say:

"The object of the proposed project is to construct OLED lighting panels with efficacy (> 50 lm/W) and lifetime (>20,000 h) superior to most of the current commercially available luminaires.  The lighting panels will be constructed of 15 cm x 15 cm lighting tiles that can be used to build lighting panels of different sizes and shapes.  The architecture is based on small molecule OLED and comprises four key technology components that enable this achievement: internal light extraction-enhancement structure, low voltage design, stacked architecture, and fluorescent-phosphorescent hybrid emitters.  The proposed project will focus on developing structures and processes suitable for high volume, low cost manufacturing (ie Kodak VIST technology) of these OLED lighting panels."

Kodak was also awarded the Frost & Sullivan "OLED Lighting Enabling Technology of the Year" award for  its consistency in driving OLED technology into the lighting space. Kodak aims to enable the OLED SSL and flat panel industries through advanced OLED architecture development, improved materials, and innovative manufacturing processes.

Posted: May 28,2009 by Ron Mertens