Mar 19, 2009

LG Display logoUPDATE: I just got word from Kodak that this is actually an old news bit... the deal was signed back in 2008. Kodak says that the quotes (about 'products by the end of the year') are invalid and in anyway "not confirmed". Thanks Kodak for clarifying this!

Here's the original story I published, just in case:

LG signed a deal with Kodak to use their OLED technology. It's not clear what they licensed exactly - but LG plans to use it for TVs, cell phone displays and picture frames. 

It seems like there are more and more news lately about LG's OLEDs - They have increased spending on AMOLEDs, there are rumors about an Apple deal, and promise of 15" OLEDs by the second half of the year.

Kodak is looking to leverage their OLED tech via partnerships, and this is the first one announced in a long time. Kodak said that first products from their partnerships will come out by the end of 2009. They are aiming for medium size displays (12"-16"). Kodak also talks about larger displays - larger than 20", but this is further down the road.


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