Sony shows a new 24.5" OLED glasses-free 3D TV, to launch for the B2B market in 2011?

Sony has unveiled a new OLED TV prototype, this one is a 24.5" model that supports glasses-free 3D. Interestingly, Sony plans to launch this TV during 2011 - but for the B2B market (for professional broadcasting use). The quality is great, but the price will be very high of course, so Sony cannot market this to consumers. This is not Sony's first OLED aimed for broadcasting professionals - they also offer the PVM-740 monitor that has a 7.4" OLED (but no 3D).

This TV seems to be quite identical to the one Sony showed at CES 2010, although now the 3D is glasses-free. In any case, it's great to hear yet again that Sony hasn't bailed out on OLEDs...

Posted: Jan 09,2011 by Ron Mertens