Sony to restructure TV business, in talks with LG to supply OLED panels?

Sony announced that it will restructure its TV division into three units: LCD TVs, outsourcing and next-generation TVs. Sony may sell its 50% stake in its S-LCD joint-venture with Samsung.

LG OLED TV prototypeLG 31-inch OLED prototype

Obviously we hope that the next-generation TV units will focus on OLEDs. There are some reports that Sony is already in talks with LG Display for OLED panel supply. LG aims to build a 55" OLED TV pilot plant in 2012 and a $2.8 billion mass production plant in 2014 (this depends on consumer reaction). LG says that their initial capacity will be tens of thousands of 55" units per months, which may not be enough for Sony. Of course if Sony strikes a deal with LG they may accelerate the mass production plans.

Posted: Nov 01,2011 by Ron Mertens