In October 2016 Sony launched its PlayStation VR HMD in Japan, and early reports said that the company sold 90% of available stock within a week. Sony later launched the headset globally, and now says that it sold 915,000 units within four months, on the way to surpass the company's expectations of 1 million units within six months.

Sony's PlayStation VR uses a 5.7" FHD (1920x1080) AMOLED display (produced by Samsung Display), 360-degree tracking and 3D audio. It is now shipping globally for $399 (headset only).

Sony's HMD is exclusive to the Playstation 4, and is cheaper than high-end alternatives from Oculus and HTC. TechCrunch reports that analysts estimate that both HTC and Oculus did not sell more than 500,000 units of their HMDs each.

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