Update: The video has been removed

Sony published a nice video of a presentation introducing their upcoming professional OLED monitors (the 17"/25" BVM-E170/E250). They explain the OLED technology and how it compares to CRT, LCD and Plasma and introduce the new devices.



ALERT! "fake" score of pixel speed for CRT!

I'm Ricardo Nuno (user's "nuninho1980").

I strongly criticize to Sony! >:( Because CRT gets score 4 in pixel speed (= response time) and this score is totally wrong - "How does it compare?"! :S -> I think to should score 5!! -> Because I got NEVER motion blur for all CRT monitors/TV's! Therefore, I'm very happy for CRT monitor Samsung Syncmaster 1100P Plus 21"! :D But I will buy OLED monitor maybe in 2013. ;)

Please... ;)

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