Sony launches two new high-end cameras with OLED EVFs

Sony announced two new high-end camera models today, and both feature an OLED EVF. First up is the A7 which is the world's first full-frame (24.3 mp) mirrorless camera. The A7 sports an XGA (1024x768) OLED EVF and a 3" LCD. This is probably Sony's own 0.5" OLED microdisplay. Other features include Full-HD 60fp video, HDMI output (with support for 4K images). There's a "flagship" model (A7R) that uses a 36.3 mp sensor without a low-pass filter. The A7 will be available in December 2013 for $1,700 (body only), while the A7R will cost $2,300.

The second camera is the RX10, a premium super-zoom camera featuring a large 1-inch sensor (20.2 mp) and a 24-200 fixed lens with a constant f/2.8 aperture. The viewfinder is an SVGA (800x600) OLED EVF.

As with the A58 (announced in February 2013), I'm not sure who the OLED maker is. Sony themselves announced 0.5" XGA (1024x768) and 0.7" 1280x720 OLED microdisplays back in August 2011 (as I said above, the XGA one is used in the A7) but they never mentioned an SVGA one. There are at least two SVGA OLED microdisplay makers that we do know - eMagin and Olightek. The RX10 will be available in December 2013 for $1,300.

Posted: Oct 16,2013 by Ron Mertens