Sony and Panasonic unveil new OLED TVs

Both Sony and Panasonic announced new OLED TVs for 2020. First up, and most interesting, is Sony's Bravia A9S Master Series - the company's first 48" 4K OLED TV. The A9S is based on Google's Android smart TV platform and features Sony's Acoustic Surface and the company's X1 Ultimate picture processor among other features.

Sony also announced the A8H OLED TV range that come in either 55" or 65" sizes and support similar technologies to the A9S.

The year Panasonic unveiled a single TV - the OLED HZ2000. This is a high-end "reference" quality TV that is an update to the GZ2000 - the main changes are higher peak brightness and a new a special film-maker mode which display movies ‘as intended’ by their directors and creators.

Posted: Jan 07,2020 by Ron Mertens