Update 2: It's official - the OLED microdisplay is made by Sony.

Update: We got this rumor confirmed by a trusted source.

We just got an interesting rumor sent to us by an anonymous tipper. Remember Sony's A77 OLED viewfinder? Our tipper says that the microdisplay is made by Samsung. Samsung is using a "laser based technology" and not FMM (see more on Samsung's upcoming move to LITI here). Samsung is also using "new organic colors".

The display itself is 0.9" in size and has a 4:3 format. According to earlier reports the resolution is XGA (1024x768).

So - this is just a rumor by someone I do not know. It's the first time I hear of Samsung making an OLED microdisplay, so this is rather surprising. We do know that this microdisplay is not made by eMagin, so anything is possible indeed. It's also interesting that this rumor also speaks of "new organic materials" - the same thing we hear about the new Super AMOLED HD displays. And if Samsung is indeed moving to LITI, it will also help explain how they managed to develop 300ppi displays...



not likely...if so, who can

not likely...if so, who can explain why samsuang still use PenTile Matrix on the Super AMOLED HD display?

sorry, it's made by sony
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