Update: It seems that there's not OLED back-display, only an OLED viewfinder, see translation below

Update II: eMagin says that Sony's viewfinder does not use their technology.

Back in March there were rumors that Sony's upcoming Alpha A77 DSLR will have an OLED viewfinder. That camera is not official yet, but Sony did submit it to a design contest - and from that page (which was taken down in the meantime) we can see that indeed it has an XGA OLED electronic viewfinder (or Tru-Finder as Sony calls it). We're not sure, but it also mentions a second OLED display - perhaps the 'normal' camera back display will also be an OLED (if someone can translate the Japanese text below, it'll be great).

The viewfinder resolution (XGA, or 1024x768) is rather a disappointment - as it was rumored that this will use Sony's 720p (1,280x720) resolution. There were also some rumors that eMagin is behind that OLED microdisplay. While eMagin do not have an XGA product, they have mentioned that they are working with a customer on a special 'commercial' microdisplay, so this may be it (disclose: I'm holding some shares in eMagin...).



Translation of the flyer

Disclosure of exhibitor's design ! - Design shown in Good Design Expo 2011

The candidate for the good design award was introduced.

Entry number : G0710050

Catalogue: audio visual machine

Item name: interchangeable-lens digital camera alpha SLT-A77

Company : Sony (Tokyo)

Abstract :

24 megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor and newly-designed image processor BIONZ, Sony’s exclusive translucent mirror technology that realizes full-time continuous auto-focus, highest rate of continuous shooting with 12 coma per second, first XGA OLED tru-finder, 60P/24P video recording, high image quality, fast response, easy to operate, high reliability. It can liberate the potential of image according to photographer’s imagination.


by Joseph


Joseph - Thanks!So I guess

Joseph - Thanks!

So I guess there's no second OLED. I just got confused because it says 'OLED' twice in the text, I guess they just repeat the OLED tru-finder?


Hi Ron,It mentioned OLED

Hi Ron,

It mentioned OLED twice in a sentence, and it means this camera adopts "OLED" technology to makt its XGA "OLED" tru-finder. So I think it has only one OLED display.



Hi again Joseph,

Now I understand. This makes sense of course. Thanks!


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