Sigmaintell: production of OLED smartphone displays in China to jump 40% in 2023

Most analysts seem to agree that global demand for OLED displays is set to slow down in 2023. DSCC says that revenues will decrease 7% in 2023, led by a drop in demand for OLED smartphone and TV displays. Omdia also agrees, saying that OLED fab utilization remains low.

Xiaomi 13 Pro smartphone

China-based Sigmaintaell, meanwhile, is optimistic on China's own OLED industry, expecting production to jump 40% in 2023. Sigmaintell says that Chinese phone makers are increasing their adoption of OLED displays in high-end and mid-range models. The company's analysts expect over 220 million Chinese OLED panels to ship in 2023, and China's OLED market share to rise to 38%, up from 28% in 2021.


Sigmaintell specifically says that CSoT is seeing increased demand for its OLED displays as it has gained new customers recently. Xiaomi's latest flagship phone, the 13 Ultra, has a flexible OLED display produced by CSoT (6.73" 2,600 nits 120Hz 1440x3200 LTPO AMOLED).

BOE Technology, China's largest OLED producer, also recently said that it has shipped 80 million flexible OLEDs in 2022 (up 30% from 2021), and has shipped over 30 million OLEDs in the first quarter of 2023, aiming to ship 120 million OLEDs in 2023.

Posted: Apr 20,2023 by Ron Mertens