Samsung's latest AMOLED displays receive eye comfort certification from TUV Rheinland

Exposure to blue light has been linked to many health issues - and one of the advantages of OLED displays and lighting panels has always been lower blue light emission compared to LED based technologies.

Samsung AMOLED eye comfort certification from TUV Rheinland photo

Samsung recently announced its latest AMOLED displays (adopted in the Galaxy S10 family of smartphones), and the company now says that its newest OLEDs produces considerably less blue-light emissions than any other mobile display in use today. Samsung's blue-light-eradicating advancement has just been certified by world-class German testing and certification body, TÃœV Rheinland, which awarded Samsung's AMOLEDs its ‘Eye Comfort’ certification.


Samsung says that it managed to lower the blue light emission in its AMOLEDs from 12% to 7%. Compared to LCD panels, Samsung's AMOLEDs emit 61% less blue light. This makes SDC's AMOLEDs safer to use - but ithe displays still maintain a very high color gamut and SDC has been able to keep a DCI-P3 level of precision color imaging without reducing the number of visible colors.

SDC says that it adopted this technology also for its 15.6" UHD laptop AMOLED displays, which emit only 8% blue light.

Posted: Feb 22,2019 by Ron Mertens