Samsung set to launch their OLED TVs on February 19?

According to reports from Korea, Samsung Electronics will host a press conference on February 19 (a week after the new year celebrations are over) to finally launch its OLED TV in Korea. The same sources say that LG will start shipping its own OLED TV in Korea on February 20. LG's 55EM9700 OLED TV will cost $10,000 and its likely that Samsung's set will have the same price.

Samsung's F9500 (full model number: KN55F9500) is a 55" Full-HD Real OLED TV. The OLED panel uses direct-emission RGB OLED subpixels, hence the "Real" title. The TV offers all sorts of smart features and active 3D (with MultiView).

Posted: Feb 05,2013 by Ron Mertens