Samsung : SDC to focus on OLED microdisplays while SSI will handle its Micro-LED development

In 2022, Samsung Display confirmed it is developing OLED microdisplays, and the company has since stepped up its efforts to bring OLED microdisplay to the market. The company is also developing microLED microdisplays.

It is now reported in Korea that Samsung Electronics decided that from now on, Samsung Display will handle all OLED microdisplay projects, while Samsung Semiconductor (SSI, or specifically, the Compound Semiconductor Solutions team) will handle all microLED microdisplay development.


Samsung Display is looking to bring OLED microdisplays to the market soon - in fact initial production will begin next year, and full mass production will be achieved in 2026. Last year Samsung acquired US-based eMagin to accelerate its development and to take hold of eMagin's advanced direct-emission microdisplay process. The company aims to enter the market soon as VR headset makers are looking to adopt OLED microdisplays in their next designs - like Apple in its Vision Pro and Samsung with its own headset.

Meanwhile MicroLED is seen as the next-generation technology, that could enable much higher efficiency and brightness and thus be more suitable for demanding AR applications. But development is still at an earlier stage. 

Posted: Dec 24,2023 by Ron Mertens