Samsung said to have developed a high-density 5.9" UHD AMOLED panel for the Note 5

According to a tip sent to Phone Arena, samsung developed a 5.9" UHD (746 PPI) Super AMOLED display, and will begin producing it by next August - to be adopted by the next Galaxy Note 5 phone. If true, this display will have a much higher density then the Note 4 (455 PPI) and the GS5 (432 PPI).

While this is just a tip, in January 2014 SDC already said it is planning a UHD smartphone OLED panel (back then they said that they aim to achieve 860 PPI).

As far as I know, the highest density OLED display ever shown was a 2.8" 2560x1440 AMOLED (1058 PPI!) shown by SEL a week ago. This CAAC-OS based panel was just a prototype though, and not in production yet.

Posted: Nov 07,2014 by Ron Mertens


I certainly hope that this is true. A display of this resolution should lead to some interesting innovation around upscaling of lower resolutions, and also means very big things for Virtual Reality where the side of pixels become small enough to accommodate comfortable productive environments involving small text.

The VR is comming! Hold on to your seat-belts :))))) ..... and buy a very beefy GPU :))

Amun, you're right! I will change my post. Thanks!

i think those micro displays should win this non-sense ppi "tiara"

i dont know if anyone here has heard of the 4.7" '4k' oled panel that samsung has made, which uses a new pentile sub-pixel array that only contains one sub-pxiel each pixel a.k.a. a total disaster... 


samsung has applied for an authentication from ITU and EBU, which is without doubt denied, because after test, ITU thinks it can only reach merely 900p, since every 4 pixels contain 3 green ones and 1 red/blue one...


anyway, if samsung tries to apply this technology on this 5.9" UHD oled panel, i suggest we all wait to see some marvelous results XD