Samsung Electronics reported its financial results for Q4 2018, with revenues of KRW 59.27 trillion ($53 billion USD), down 10% from Q4 2017. Samsung's operating profit of KRW 10.8 trillion ($9.6 billion) was down 29% from 2017.

Samsung Display reported a decline in rigid smartphone OLED display sales - due to rising competition from LCD panels. Demand for flexible OLEDs was strong. In Q1 2019, OLED display sales will remain weak - but Samsung says that flexible OLED demand will pickup in the second half of 2019.

Samsung Display also updates that it did not yet finalize its plans for QD-OLED production (it was estimated before that SDC plans to start QD-OLED trial production in 2019, but apparently SDC is not committed to that yet). Samsung says that display innovations in 2019 will include foldable displays and MicroLED TVs.

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes