Samsung has announced the new IceTouch MP3 player that sports a 2" full-color Transparent OLED. This is an exciting announcement, we didn't know Samsung was so close to making this technology commercially available. The player will be released in the first half of 2010. Samsung say that the AMOLED screen casing is constructed using a dual-injection molding process and tempered glass and results in a smooth, durable and scratch-proof surface.

Samsung IceTouchSamsung IceTouch

Beside the cool transparent display, the IceTouch comes with 8/16GB of memory, has a strong CPU and Samsung's TouchWiz Sweep interface. It has 5.1-channel sound enhancement technology and it continually analyzes and adjusts audio levels to reflect the producer’s intended sound.



I knew Samsung's screen

I knew Samsung's screen quality is good with AMOLED technique, but this transparent screen really amazes me! Seems like Samsung stepped forward to the new generation of mp3 player. I just found out some more pics of IceTouch at CES 2010, so go to the web below if you guys see more. :)

It’s amazing that the

It’s amazing that the color LCD is transparent. I think the sophisticated and cool design make a perfect fit with the young people.

It's not an LCD
It's not an LCD, it's an AMOLED ;-)
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