Samsung Electronics said to order the first WOLED panels from LGD earlier this month

According to recent reports, LG and Samsung finally officially signed a WOLED TV panel supply agreement, as Samsung Electronics plan to start producing OLED TVs based on LGD WOLED panels. 

According to recent reports from Korea, Samsung Electronics placed the first order for WOLED panels (77-inch and 83-inch) from LGD earlier this month. This was a small order, used by Samsung to develop the first OLED TV, which Samsung aims to launch later in 2023. It seems the two companies haven't yet finalized all the details of their agreement.


Samsung is said to request custom made WOLED panels from LGD, and it also requested that the panels will all be produced in Paju, Korea rather than in LG's Guangzhou fab. Samsung plan to ship up to 300,000 WOLED TVs by the end of 2023, and over a million TVs in 2024.

LG Display has been negotiating a WOLED TV panel supply agreement with Samsung Electronics for a long time, and last year the company were close to an agreement, but discussions were halted in July 2022, and Samsung continued to launch its QD-OLED TV range.

Posted: Jun 24,2023 by Ron Mertens