Samsung announced plans to launch 14 new SUHD (LCDs enhanced with Quantum-Dots) TV models in 2016. Samsung says they applied a "second-generation quantum dot technology" which will update the overall picture quality, and is also Cadmium-free.

Samsung acknowledges that their 2015 SUHD TV "may have fallen behind" OLED TVs in terms of picture quality - but the new models will have "drastically" improved brightness.

Regarding OLED TVs, Samsung's senior VP, Kim Moon-soo, says that the OLED technology is "not complete" - and that Samsung will not enter the market "unless current issues such as durability, afterimage and brightness are resolved.

Earlier this month, Samsung Display's CEO said that SDC is still trying to "fine tune the OLED technology" and is developing the right processes so it will be able to return to the OLED TV market. No decisions have been made yet, though.

Samsung Display recently confirmed that it is still developing large-sized OLED panels, and it was reported that Samsung is discussing a large investment (around $3 billion US) into a new OLED TV panel fab. LG Display have officially asked Samsung Display to start making OLED TV panels again and help Korea beat Chinese companies to the OLED market. LGD's CEO says that Samsung will indeed join with LG, and this more a matter of timing.

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes